mshedwig (mshedwig) wrote,


I feel like crap today. It was just a long long long day, and i'm SO done. School was pretty crapy. I failed a test, i felt really left our for whatever reason with my friends... work was interesting. I cant tell if jason is FINALLY opening up, or if it was a fake day of progress. I also still havent come out to anyone at work, which is problamatic. I mean, i would never say anything to my co workers but I do feel i shoud say something to the other interns. Its annoying, i ask andrew all about his weekend and he talks for an hour. Then, he doenst ask me one question about my weekend. How am i ment to come out if he doesnt as me ANYTHING. am i truly ment to (as we are working) be like "wanna go get coffie with the lezbian?" and then start to get up and get my purse?

gack. i'm not sure anymore. I just feel really trapped whithin this little bubble of "me".

I feel as though one of my friens is driving me absolutly NUTS while the other one is slowly ignoring me. yeh. complain, complain. i know. just let me be emo for a while...ok?
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